Saturday, 7 April 2012

Vintage Weddings

With Vintage style weddings steadily making their way to the front seat over the last few years, 2012 is definitely going to be the year  for Vintage weddings to steal the limelight. 

There is a wealth of inspiration online, and an ever increasing number of Vintage events across the nation to help couples realise their ideas. Rock My Wedding is a website set up in 2009 which provides a frequently up-dated online resource to couples planning their day. It surpasses it's aim of providing ideas through fresh and innovative contect, with the images on the front page along speaking for themselves. It's really lovely to see such creatively becoming widely publicised and promoted as achievable, and I could personally spend all day admiring the site.

Vintage fairs across the nation are providing specific events for Vintage Weddings in recognition of it's ever increasing popularity. This is providing a large footprint for all those couples looking to complete their day with all the little touches. The Vintage Fair held a successful 'SomethingOld' Vintage Wedding Fair in Sheffield last November and have lots planned for the coming year, with the wedding website being launched in the near future. In the meantime their wedding page can be found on Facebook

Dress companies can provide women with the ability to buy either a newly tailored Vintage dress, or a completely original dress made in the era they reflect. The Vintage Wedding Dress Company is a beautiful website which incorporates both original Vintage dresses, and bespoke re-created Vintage dresses designed with expertise and sympathy.


Original 1920s

It's definitely an exciting time for Vintage lovers, with weddings taking the lead and showing the way. So congratulation to all couples having a Vintage 'Big Day' , and thank you to all the beautiful companies providing a piece of history.