About LoLoVintage

It all started with my lovely Bike Cynthia!

For the last three years my not so run-of-the-mill Vintage homeware has lived in a modern one-bed flat. Until April; when I finally got my old Terrace house for them to be carefully arranged in and where they all fit perfectly. I had started to think about selling some of my finds and my new 'old' home has now enabled me to do this by giving me an inspirational space to create different photographs, to up-cycle vintage items and to fully get into the vintage swing. 

Etsy has been the perfect place for a new seller to start; with it's community at hand to bug when you need to ask lots of questions, and its vast array of handmade and Vintage items to browse through to increase your enthusiasm and confidence in what you are doing. I'm learning lots every day and enjoying every minute of it! 

My first fair in May was so much fun and I have lots more planned for the near future.

So here's to lots more Vintage appreciation and lots of lovely finds across the world wide web!