Saturday, 19 May 2012

Personal Networking

Whilst it's great to sit at your laptop and figure out all the little ways of networking back and forth between yourself and others trying to get ahead, the personal touch is sometimes lacking.

By doing a stall at Lougborough Fair last Saturday via 'The Vintage Fair', I met  Susan Guy who was photographing for the fair. That evening when I got home she'd tagged me in the photographs she'd taken of my  stall, which were beautiful, and shared them on my facebook page for all to see. But what was lovely was that I'd met the person behind the art and it really made it more personal way to network.

I also got to hear from Janey Green who had brought one of my vintage cakestands at the fair, when she phoned me the next day to say that she's doing a Jubilee blog on her 'slice of slim' page, and would it be ok to include my cakestand? Again, it was really lovely to chat to Janey and it really makes a difference to then blog and network back and forth with someone you've actually met and spoken to!

So here's to chance meetings, and to picking up the phone in order to create a more personalised version of 21st Century networking!!!

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  1. You're stuff looks great, lovely pics too, can't wait t come to one of your fairs Lolo! x