Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Who needs Ikea?

The main excuse for a lack of creativity around your home has been lack of funding; so when you've seen the same picture in every of your friend's homes you start to think that it was chosen firstly for price, secondly for likeability.

Cue Vintage! Not only can it be very original (apart from a few fashionable retirement homes) but also rewardingly creative; whilst a book shelf is a practical way of storing books, it can also play home to a quirky mix of old and new objects that start to set your home apart from the rest.

So instead of picking up three matching vases in varying shades of beige, find out where your local Vintage fairs are, log on to sites like Etsy, or with permission have a rummage through your next door neighbour's garage to see what amazing and cheap accessories you can find and get stuck in to imagining new ways in which to make home YOUR home.


  1. Welcome to blogland with a great first post. I shall follow you with interest.

  2. Flying the flag for recycling and preserving good quality household items! It's great the throwaway culture is going out of fashion and it's great fun to re-use, customise and modernise traditional pieces.

    Thanks Lolo x