Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Creative Days

However much you might enjoy the challenges and routine of 9-5 work, some days you need to scrap all responsibilities, leave the housework until tomorrow, keep your slobby clothes on, and have a creative day.

Here is my ideal;
Start with a walk down to the local florist (the penultimate outing of the day) and buy a variety of different flowers - nothing ready arranged. Ready at home will be a variety of miss-matched vases of all shapes and sizes - a small enamel teapot, a porcelain floral wide mouthed vase, a tall slim tin jug - all waiting to be filled with beautiful flowers and admired in their full glory. Such a simple creation can feel so lovely, brighten your home in an instant, and start the day rolling with ideas. Plus, you can have sneaky peaks all through the day as you work! 

Now comes the decision of what to do first - sewing machine or camera? Sewing machine wins easily most days but even this brings dilemma - do I feel nostalgic and traditional and use my Singer, or do I use my slightly faster electric machine in order to achieve more?

The next few hours can whittled away surrounded by fabrics, thread, needles, ribbons, and relaxing day-dreams. For me not only do creative days take you away from boring and irritating responsibilities but at the end you can sit back; slightly tired with an achy spine, and say - "I've just created that!" 

After hours of craftsmanship and 20 cups of tea later, a stretch of the muscles with a walk across the fields/ around the block/ to the nearby take-away, can be the ultimate relaxation before snuggling down for the evening.

So turn off the T.V, jump into your 'comfies' and get your creative juices flowing for an 'every-now-and-then' day of creative genius. 

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration! Sometimes it's hard to be creative on demand, but I'm going to try the flower trick!